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This is where to get all types of LED lights including LED strip lights, LED neon lights, LED linear lights and LED lights accessories. If you want it to be high-quality, fully-customized, and long-lasting, you are in the right place!

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Light Up with LED Neon Strips

If you have put so much effort into designing and developing a space for special activities, then you should put extra effort to LIGHT IT UP!

From street lights to parking garage lights to task lighting and even kitchen under cabinet lighting, we have got you covered! 

Let’s help you do it right.

With our specially designed and developed LED neon strips, tailor-made specifically for your projects, you’d blow the mind of anyone who walks into your space – Remember, we can’t see beauty without lights!

What We Offer

LED Linear Lights

We put the maximum possible effort into the production of our LED linear lights to ensure that we deliver top-quality every single time. See the different LED Linear Lights that you can add to your quote.


More certifications available to meet your market standard.

Custom For Your Lighting Projects

Our R&D team is always working on new products and providing custom products to our customers.


Exceptionally Creative Light Strip Manufacturer and Supplier

At Potato lighting we don’t just produce generic LED strip lights for sale, we handle each project independently taking quality time to brainstorm and come up with exceptional lighting ideas that’ll solve any illumination challenge you have.

We manufacture from the stand-point of creativity and expertise because providing unique lighting solutions is what gets us pumped up with excitement.

The truth is, we cannot wait to work with you!

Steps To Work With Us!

For every single step we take, our topmost priority is to solve your illumination challenges to your maximum satisfaction.


Talk To Us

We want to listen to your needs. So, contact us to send us a message about your LED strip light needs, and we will send you a free quote.


Brainstorm & Create

Our team of experts will thoroughly look into your project, carry out in-depth research, then propose and develop LED lighting strips tailored for your projects.

You can also click to buy already produced LED strip lights, LED neon strips, LED Linear Lights, and LED light accessories from our website.



We will send you sample products so that you can test and see if you are satisfied with the result.


Manufacturing Bulk

Once you approve the sample we have sent, we will start to manufacture the LED strip lights in bulk according to your order following due process and carrying out strict quality control.



Products will be well packaged and shipped to you wherever you are in the world.

100% High Quality LED Strip Light Factory

For the past six years, we have consistently produced and delivered high quality LED strip lights from our factory in Shenzhen, China to different countries around the world.

The Potato Lighting factory is well equipped with the latest Japanese SMT machines and skilled workers ensure the production of 100% high-quality products and nothing less.

Why Clients Choose Us

We have a well-structured system that makes the onboarding of our clients a pleasant experience. Our skilled professionals will discuss with you and put you through all that you need to know about our work process and how we can help you meet your lighting needs.

We know the importance of quality and that is why we take it seriously. We are keen on not delivering any LED strip lighting that is not up to standard, so we use cutting edge techniques and machines for manufacturing while paying close attention to quality every step of the way.

We do not stop at delivering LED strip lights, LED neon Strips, LED linear lights, and LED Light accessories, we go as far as following up after delivery. This is to ensure that you get the best out of the products. The most interesting part is that we offer a 5-year warranty, so the risk of working with us is absolutely minimal.

We are open to working with anyone regardless of the amount of LED light products you need. We are interested in every project whether small or big. There is no minimum order of quantity (MOQ) and we give the same required attention.

We will always be available to chat with you before and during your project. Your satisfaction is our business and we will do what it takes to ensure that you have an awesome experience from working with us.

You can count on us to keep to the expected date of delivery. This is because we have diligent and skilled workers who are trained to adhere strictly to our production plan for each project.

Customizing Lighting Project

When Sky Cinema contacted us, they wanted highly customized, sleek, LED neon strips and linear lights for their newly designed architectural structure that was to be used as a cinema.

They wanted their customers to experience something exceptional and different since their architectural structure was creatively built using horizontal and vertical lines that needed LED neon strips and LED linear lights to produce the effect they desired.

Potato Lighting stepped into the situation as we brainstormed, produced, and delivered high quality, LED neon strips and linear lights tailored to fit the design of their architectural structure.

The result was mind blowing.

“We wanted something that would sync with the exceptionally creative cinema structure that we had built and we are glad we chose Potato Lighting. It was a seamless experience working with them and they beat our expectation.” – Stephen Glory (Facility manager)

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