customize any color, wavelength, CCT, and BIN,pakage,length,CRI,IP rate,label,wire

Hight CRI

CRI>90/95/98, as natural as sunshine


Ensure customers get the same Bin range segmented under the same color for the same order

5 Years

Extra Long LED Lifespan, 3-5years warranty


Super fast delivery time for some IP20 types


All Strips are use the double layer PCB with the thickness >20z,3Oz

Safety Certifications

CE,Rohs,ETL,UL,SAA,etc are approved

Branded Chips

Sanan,Epistar,Samsung,Osram,Philips,etc branded chips

LED strips can be applied to many different scenes of your lighting projects, including indoor projects such as home decoration, hotel projects, stage lighting, office lighting, corridor lighting, supermarket stores; outdoor projects include such as landscape lighting, bridge construction, buildings, garden villas, traffic hubs and so on. But also can be used for other lamps, furniture, cars, ships and other combinations of various applications. Combined with lamps, furniture, automobiles, ships, advertising equipment and many other applications, inspire new possibilities.

Using diverse technologies such as integrated extrusion, we offer a wide range of colors, CCT and CRI, as well as a wide range of protection levels such as IP33, IP55, IP65 and IP67, IP68 and more. By continuously improving the flexibility and convenience, high luminous performance and low price of LED strips, while fully integrating the LED strips, accessories, controllers, power suppliers, carriers and other components, we have perfected a solution that turns LED strips into a comprehensive system to meet your different projects.

We apply branded chips, high quality materials, small and medium power automatic equipment self-packaging LED, fully guarantee the quality of the product, cost, delivery time, and fully meet the customer’s color, CCT, BIN and other customization needs.


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Our Advantages

Save Your Time

Rich experience in the production of led strips, warm and professional service, super-fast delivery for your lighting projects to help you save time and energy!


As a professional manufacturer of LED strips, we offer professional products, lighting solutions and complete customization of your projects.

Endurable Lighting

Low attenuation, high quality LED chips, excellent heat dissipation structure design and high quality materials of the best LEDs guarantee long lasting quality.

Corresponding Applications





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