Key Features

The Neon Skyline Light has a wide range of applications across various industries and settings. Some common applications include:

✅ Architectural Accent Lighting: The Neon Skyline Light can be used to highlight architectural features of buildings, such as outlines of windows, doorways, or rooftop edges, enhancing the visual appeal of the structure.

✅ Interior Design: It can be used in interior design projects to create unique and eye-catching lighting installations in commercial spaces like restaurants, bars, hotels, retail stores, and offices, adding ambiance and style to the environment.

✅ Events and Entertainment: It can be used as decorative lighting for events, concerts, parties, or festivals, adding a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere to the venue.

✅ Art Installations: Artists and designers can incorporate the Neon Skyline Light into their installations or artworks, creating visually striking and immersive experiences for viewers.

Details About 1815 Neon Skyline Light


1815 Neon skyline light, DC24V, Double-sided Emitting Neon Strip, 10w/m, Single Color, CCT,RGB, Digital RGB Arbitrary selection.IP54 Protection level, dust, and moisture prevention.





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