Key Features

  • IP67 Waterproof with Silicone Material
  • Side View and vertical bending direction.
  • Two versions: Constant Voltage version and Constant Current version.
  • Various connections type: Front/Side/Bottom cable entry.
  • Yellowing Resistance, Solvent and Saltwater resistance
  • Uniform Luminescence, No spot, very soft light effect
  • Unique end cap design

Details About LED Neon N1615

Product Description


1. Silicone Ledline Flex TOP1615 IP67, DC24V, with vertical bending direction.

2. Cross-section size: 16mm*15mm/0.63”*0.59”(W*H), and the radius is 150mm(5.9”)

3. Various connections type: Front/Side/Bottom cable entry.

4. It’s IP67 protection–Opal Silicone Coating, with excellent resistance to yellowing, to UV, to saltwater, to high temperature.

5. Uniform luminescence and dot free will bring the most excellent performance for indoor and outdoor applications.

6. Two versions for your choice–Constant Voltage version and Constant Current version. CC version can connect 28meters in series without voltage drop, only by one power supply, that can save the installation cost better.

7. Unique end cap design, it can install quickly and meet the different length’s request easily without welding.



Technical Specifications





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