Key Features

Key Features:
🌟 Environmental protection grade silicone material, integrated extrusion molding process
🌟 High-quality LED lighting for energy efficiency and long-lasting illumination
🌟 Waterproof design for reliable outdoor use, IP67 protection level, salt solution resistance, acids & alkalis and UV resistance
🌟 Versatile applications in architectural lighting, landscape lighting, and more

Our new silicone flexible wall washer light is designed to illuminate your space with versatility and style.
With its flexible silicone body, it can seamlessly adapt to various surfaces and contours, allowing for creative and dynamic lighting designs.

Whether you’re highlighting architectural features, accentuating artwork, or creating ambiance in outdoor spaces, this wall washer light delivers impressive performance.

Details About LED Flexible Silicone Neon Wall Washer-WL1615





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