Key Features

  • It is made of Dow Chemical SILASTIC™ ET-7021 silicone rubber, which provides high transparency and high strength.
  • Environmental protection grade silicone material, integrated extrusion molding process.
  • Unique optical light distribution structure design, uniform lighting surface and no shadow.
  • IP67 protection level, salt solution resistance, acids & alkalis, corrosive gases, fire and UV.
  • Excellent toughness, simple and stylish appearance, delicate and unique.
  • 3-5 years warranty, working life ≥30000-50000 hours.

Details About Silicone Neon Flex Solder Free End Cap

Product Description


1. Silicone Neon Flex Solder Free End Cap, IP67, DC24V, 3 size to choose:1615,0817,1220

2. Only Front cable entry.

3. It’s IP67 protection–Opal Silicone Coating, with excellent resistance to yellowing, UV, saltwater, and high temperature.

4. Uniform luminescence and dot-free will bring the most excellent performance for indoor and outdoor applications.

5. Unique end cap design, it can install quickly and meet the different length requests easily without welding.



Technical Specifications



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