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From decoration lights to illuminate the house’s interior and exterior, LED strip lights have come a long way. With the evolving world, LED strips adopt the trends and keep in view these trends; we provide you the LED strips of your projects’ choice.

With so much variety, reliability, and style, custom LED strips for your lighting project are produced, and these LED strips will help you translate your idea into reality.

Custom LED strips for lighting projects to include PCB design support, brightness, color, temperature control, different waterproofing types, suitable lighting accessories, and different lighting solutions like linear light, LED Neon light, LED strip, etc. This customization of the LED strip will provide you a perfect recipe for your lighting project.

Let us get into some details to help you understand how these customized LED strips will make things happen. We will discuss these details one by one.

PCB Design Support in Producing LED Strip

The printed circuit board controls most parts of the LED strip. It is a kind of CPU of the LED. The standard width of PCB is usually 8mm-10mm. However, the use of these PCBs can require a change in the width of these PCBs. We offer customized PCB design up to 15mm, 20mm and 30mm, etc. or big LED sheet. The size, shape, and thickness of LED strip lights affect the brightness and use of these LEDs in a project. So, we offer customization of PCB design to meet the needs of your project.

PCB design customization in LED Strip

Custom Lighting: Brightness, Color, Color Temperature, CRI, etc.

LED strip lights can be customized to get brightness, color, color temperature, Color Rendering Index (CRI), LEDs’ density, addressable integrated circuits, etc. The brightness can be varied by adjusting the density and intensity of LEDs on the circuit board. For a perfect color combination, we offer a range of variety in color choices in LEDs. The color temperature adjustment from 2000 to 6000K is available to move between warm white and cool white. CRI helps us give a more accurate and clear understanding of things. In this case, we have CRI95 food LED strip for you, and customization of that LED strip is available to use in your chosen project. Lastly, the bending ability of the LED strip allows it to be used in the desired location. We can customize the cut length mechanism to use the LEDs in your project appropriately. Below is the picture to explain how LEDs’ density can vary on the board to change the light intensity.

Custom Lighting in LED Strip

Different Waterproofing types for Different Applications by LED Lighting Factory

LED strip lights have wide use in indoor and outdoor. Due to certain conditions like pool lighting, weather effects, or a higher chance of water flooding the LED lights, we use the LED strips with a higher IP rating, which gives us better waterproofing capability.

The IP rating is what indicates the water-resisting ability of the LED strip. The first number in the IP rating defines the protection from solids like sand and dust particles. This number ranges from 0 to 6. The second number in IP rating indicates the protection from the fluids like water. The second number ranges from 0 to 8.

Our company has an extrusion filling IP68 and extrusion tube IP67 rating to provide you with the best possible waterproofing. Different types of waterproofing are:

  • Extrusion filling- IP 68
  • Extrusion tube- IP 67
  • Extrusion gel- IP 54
  • Silicone filling- IP 68
  • Silicon tube- IP 65
  • Gel coating- IP 54

In our LED strip lighting factory, we use the extrusion process for waterproofing, and this process is considered better than the manual way of waterproofing. You can check more about the waterproofing of LED strips here in our blog:

The Ultimate Waterproof LED Strip Guide
Link to Waterproof LED Guide
Different types of waterproofing in LED

Lighting Solutions for Different Types of Projects Like LED Neon, LED Linear and LED Strip

LED strips have almost completely replaced the traditional ways of lighting homes and commercial buildings, like the use of incandescent bulbs. This has led to different types of LEDs to meet the needs of different projects. The primary lighting solutions for different types of projects are:

  • LED Neon light
  • LED Linear light
  • LED strip light

All of these types have different applications and options available to meet the needs.

 LED Neon is mostly used in the exterior, and one of the best applications of LED Neon is used in advertisements. You can check our customizable LED Neon strip lights here in which the products are available with detailed descriptions to make it easy for you to decide:

LED Neon Light

 LED linear lights are mostly installed in a hollow opening in a surface: a wall or ceiling. LED linear light is used mostly to create the lines invisible to the audience and look like a part of the wall or ceiling fabric. You can check the LED linear lights here:

LED Linear Light

LED strip lights have indefinite applications. The only limit is your creativity. We have a wide variety of LEDs available, which are customizable, and you can use them to wrap around different objects, highlight specific areas, give your house an aesthetic look, or use LED strip lights to make your house a party venue. The collection of LED strip light of our company can be seen here:

LED Strip Light

Availability of Lighting Accessories For Different Projects

One of the significant parts in the customization of LED lights is the wider variety of accessories available. According to the project, the power supply, types of controllers, signal amplifiers, and panels make it really easy to customize LED lights. For example, the power supply used in indoor and outdoor would be different. The load it can carry would be different. DALI bus power supply, customized waterproof power supply, and Dimmable IP67 power supply are different in their use, yet they fall in the category of power supply.

Similarly, the use of a controller plays a vital part in the customization of LED lights. A controller controls the whole lighting of the room or house or any place, and the appropriate controller allows us to use the LEDs with more choices available. For example, the DALI master controller and mini RGBW controller have very different approaches and options to control the LED lights.

Also, the use of signal amplifiers can affect the customization of LED strip lights and increase or decrease the range of controllers from which you can operate the LEDs. For example, the DMX signal amplifier is when customized with LED lights. It gives us so many additional options to work with.

LED Light Accessories

In a nutshell, the customization of LED lights has gone from fashion to the need of the time, and now people want more options with their LED lights. This customization can be done in terms of PCB design, brightness, color, accessories, or the type of LED lights used in a project.

For further information about the LED strip lights and how they can be customized, you can visit our blog here:

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