7 Things Let Yo Know How to Choose the LED Neon Strip?

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LED neon strips are quickly growing in demand. You must have heard good arguments about them before. These neon strips are specialized for many uses. Are you in search of LED strips for your business promotion or house decoration? But you don’t know which LED neon strip fits best with your requirements? Which one to choose?

There are multiple options for LED neon strips in the market. Every LED strip light has its own pros and cons. Thus it’s confusing for buyers to choose from these multiple options.An LED strip can be profitable for someone but not for others. It all depends on how you choose them. So let’s discuss different attributes of different LED neon strips.

Why Choose LED Neon Strips?

LED neon strips are ruling the market. These strip lights are on the top in the lighting industry. LED strips are more durable, long-lasting, efficient, and cost-effective.

They are easy to install, repair, and maintain. Also, these LED strip lights are more efficient, environment friendly, and less expensive. These features give them the upper hand over traditional neon lighting. LED neon lights can really boost your marketing performance.

Here are the 7 things that can help you to choose the right LED neon strips:

  1. What brightness do you want?
  2. What’s color do you need?
  3. How about the waterproof of the LED neon strip?
  4. What’s the dimension of the LED neon strip to choose?
  5. What’s the Bendable Direction to choose?
  6. How can you install the LED Neon Strip?
  7. What’s voltage to choose?

1: What Brightness Do You Want?

What Is Lumen?

Before you buy the LED neon strips for your house or lightings projects. You need to first determine how much brightness you need. The brightness of LED neon lights is measured in lumens. Usually, people think of it as power, it is incorrect. Yes, the higher the power, the brighter it will usually be, but it’s not accurate enough. This is because it is also related to luminous efficacy (lm/w). Lumen(lm) = power(w) * luminous efficacy(lm/w). The number of LEDs, the brightness of the LED, and the light transmission of the neon tube, all play a big role for them.

What’s the Brightness of LED Neon?

There are many different options in sizes for LED neon strips. The larger the neon size and better heat dissipation, the more LEDs can place. And then the higher brightness will be. Besides, their brightness depends on the illuminated surface area and transmittance of the neon tube. Thus, it is important to know the LED neon’s sizes and shapes before purchasing it.

What’s the Brightness LED Neon Strip?

If you want to buy LED strips with higher output brightness, choose the one with a higher lumen. Compared to the normal LED strips, LED neon strips are much lower in brightness. It is only about 100-1000lm/m.
If you need super high brightness, here is a 360-degree light-emitting LED neon strip to share with you. The highest brightness LED neon strip in the market: 360° View Round LED Neon Strip, is 2200lm/m, 25w/m.

2: What’s Color do You Want?

During your search for LED neon strips, you need to know about color combinations and color temperatures. There are many color combinations to choose from in the LED neon strip lights. These neon strips can display any color combination. A controller is used to switch between flashes or solid colors.

You need to know about color temperatures if you want to choose white colors. The color of lights emitting through LED strips is defined by color temperature. The Color combination of LED neon strips will help you more precisely. 

What Color Temperature Should I Choose for LED Neon Strip Lights?

Color temperature helps to differentiate different colors that LED strips can produce. The temperature of the light shoes how cool or warm it is. The color temperature is measured in Kelvin (K). The high color temperatures represent cool colors like bluish shade.

Whereas the lower temperatures represent warm colors like a yellow light. So, you should select LED neon strips by checking their color temperature. This will help you to find the right LED strips for your use.

Which Color Is Best?

The Color combination of LED strips has an impact on their performance. Also, the appealing factors of these neon strips rely on color combinations. A color combination can be great for some applications but not for others.

The colorful LED neon is used in outdoor decoration, signage, billboards, and other scenarios. LED neon strips are available in a variety of color options. Red, green, blue, yellow, and RGB colors, even the programmable RGB color. With the DMX controller, there are even more features for various projects.

For more information, We recommend you to check DMX512 LED Neon N1615  with RGB addressable colors.

3: How About the Waterproof of the LED Neon Strip?

Waterproofing is another factor that you should know about. Waterproof LED neon strips are useful in every weather condition. You can relax for a long time by choosing waterproof LED strips. The Latest LED strip lights are equipped with waterproof qualities. 

Are LED Neon Strips Waterproof?

Waterproof LED neon strips are more protected and stylish. Also, these LED strips can operate on low voltage. If you are looking for power saving and more durable LED strip lights. Then you should look for waterproof LED strips.

Waterproof LED Neon Strips are Effective?

Yes, waterproof LED strip lights are very effective. These are useful for outdoor, bathroom, and pool lighting. The IP67 waterproof LED neon strips are excellent waterproof LED strips. These types of LED strips contain silicon and polyurethane (PU material). 

So, IP67 waterproof LED lights are highly resistant to dust, water, and moisture. Are you looking for IP67 waterproof LED strips? We recommend you to check IP67 waterproof DMX512 LED Neon 1220.

4: What’s the Dimension of the LED Neon Strip to Choose?

LED Neon strips are available in many different dimensions. For example, the big one of 5025, the width is 50mm and the height is 25mm. For the ultra-thin one of 0612(LED Neon N0612), the width is 6mm and the height is 12mm.

Big dimension LED neon strips are bigger in size, brighter, and can get longer. So, if you want to decorate your house, building, or shop, boat e.t.c. Then you should choose big dimension LED strips.

Small dimension LED neon strips are more smooth, small in size, and easily bendable. So, if you want to make signs for decoration or publicity, or recessed in some very thin grooves in house, e.t.c. Then you should look for small dimension LED strips.

So, you can choose a suitable dimension for the LED neon according to your different applications.

5: What’s the Bendable Direction to Choose?

Another important factor for the LED neon strip is the bendable direction. There are mainly two bendable directions for LED neon strips in the market: vertical and horizontal. Both directions have their advantages in different fields. The different LED neon strips are selected according to different application.

In a nutshell, horizontal bendable LED neon strips are mainly applied on a flat surface. The luminous surface surfaces are all on one plane. Vertical bendable LED neon strips are applied to the three-dimensional, luminous surface in different multiple planes.

You can checkout LED Neon N1220 with horizontal bendable direction and silicon material. Also, checkout LED Neon1615 with vertical bendable direction and silicon material.

6: How can You Install the LED Neon Strip?

The Installation of the LED neon strips is simple and easy to do. It is easy to mount, cut, wire these LED strips together. If you are want to buy flexible LED neon strips, with silicon material and easy installation. There are two simple installation solutions, mounting clips and mounting channel as the below images showed.

7: What’s the Voltage Do You Choose?

You can choose from low voltage DC12V/24V and high voltage 110V/220V for your LED strip lights. If you choose high voltage 110V/220V, then there is no need for an LED driver. Also, LED neon strips with high voltage can handle a longer length. Eg: 50 or 100m/roll. 

Whereas low voltage provides a longer lifetime and high lumen than high voltage. Because of the series circuit, parameters of the LEDs are consistent or not much different. This increases the lifetime of LED strips. If you are looking for a longer lifetime. Then low voltage LED strips are the best choice. Checkout LED Neon N1212 with DC24V.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing LED neon strips is not difficult as long as you know all these key factors. Most importantly, you should understand their installation, voltage, length, dimension, and color options. Your focus should be on your requirements and all the key factors. This will guarantee you to make your lighting project successful. You can check out the best-LED neon strips on https://potatolighting.com.

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