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LED neon and neon signs are quickly growing their reputation in the market. Both are utilized for the publicity of businesses worldwide. It isn’t very clear for people to choose from Neon signs and LED neon lights. What are the main differences between these two? Is one of them cheaper? Which one works better?

Signage is the most crucial element for the advertisement budget of your business. Are you finding it difficult to make the right decision? This blog will teach you the main differences between Neon signs and LED neon strips. So let us examine the pros and cons of the Neon signs versus LED neon.

Are Neon Signs Made Of Neon?

A Neon sign consists of a gas discharging glass tube containing neon gas in it. These signs produce light due to the reaction between neon and other gases within the glass tube. This reaction of gases offers a large variety of colors. The glass tubes in traditional Neon lighting are sensitive and can be damaged if treated incorrectly.

After damage, the flow of current will stop automatically to prevent unexpected accidents. This safety feature and their attractive display made them a popular choice for businesses of shapes and sizes. Another plus point of the Neon signs is their ability to last for years without any replacement.

What Is the LED Neon?

LED neon and signs are designed by using LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). These LEDs are chained together in a manner that the emitted light overlaps to form a constant light source. These LEDs are covered in polymer packets(silicone, PU) to prevent external damage to circuit diodes. So LED neon is more sealed, brighter, and lighter than Neon signs.

Still, they can be complicated when it comes to repairs because we have to manually fix each and every LED separately. Whereas only the glass tube is replaced during the repairing of a Neon sign. One of the most useful features of LED neon signs is their long life as compared to Neon signs. In fact, they can last 25 times more than Neon signs. Most importantly, there is also no risk of gas leakage.

Comparison FactorsNeon SignsLED Neon
PricePrice varies with the size and other requirements of the buyer.Price varies with the size and other requirements of the buyer but is approximately 10% cheaper.
MaintenanceRequires more attention and expenses for maintenance.Requires almost no maintenance.
SafetyCauses high-security risks due to toxic gases and materials.Does not contain any toxic gas and is more durable. Much safer.
VersatilityThey are more versatile due to their shining and eye-catching ability. Old trend.Silicon texture makes it more flexible and versatile. More recommended for the lighting of the residential, industrial, and commercial areas. Modern trend.
Space RequirementThey are 3 to 5 inches and requires more space.It is only 0.16 inches thick and requires very little space.
LifetimeAbout 10,000 hours. No water resistance.More than 50,000 hours. Excellent water resistance.


Neon Signs Or LED Neon, Which Is Cheaper?

First, let’s see the difference in cost between traditional Neon lighting and LED neon lights. The initial prices of these two are approximately equal. However, LED neon signs are 10% less costly than Neon signs. But the initial price distinction between these two is not significant enough to make the right decision. You have to keep in mind that the price depends on the shape and size of the sign. So the total cost of Neon signs and Flex LED neon varies with your requirements.

LED Neon Consumes Less Voltage?

In the case of big display signs, LED neon lights are 10% less costly as compared to Neon signs. But in the case of small indoor signs, the cost difference between them is relatively small. The LED neon strips can operate on a lower voltage than traditional Neon lighting. So, it can save your electricity expenses up to 20% than Neon signs. So a particular part of the price factor depends on your requirements.


Is Maintenance of Neon Sign difficult?

Maintenance is another dominant factor that can help you to choose from Neon signs and Flex LED neon. The LED neon signs require very minor maintenance as compared to traditional Neon lighting. Neon signs require more maintenance, especially in a cold climate. Moreover, a trained professional is a must for the maintenance of the Neon signs from time to time. So the maintenance of traditional Neon signs is more complex and requires more attention.

LED Neon Requires No Maintenance?

On the other hand, LED neon requires insignificant or no maintenance at all. Neon signs demand gas exchanges time after time. Whereas LED neon can last for almost 5 years without any maintenance expenses. So LED neon is best if you are looking for a maintenance-free option.


Safety is additionally another factor that you should keep in mind before choosing from Neon signs and LED neon lights.

Is Neon Sign Safe?

Neon signs still use gas discharging glass tubes and toxic gases that are harmful to human health. Further, these glass tubes can easily break, and their harmful gases can leak easily. Even after breakage, these glass tubes can cause environmental damage and demand proper treatment for disposal. So, traditional Neon lighting carry high-security risks.

Are LED Neon Safer, Than Neon Signs?

Whereas the LED neon signs are more enduring and doesn’t contain any kind of toxic gases. Moreover, they are easy to recycle and don’t release any carbon footprint. The LED factor makes them shockproof, which limits the heat emission to little or no. So, the Flex LED neon is way safer as compared to Neon signs.


Versatility is the most deserving factor from the perspective of marketing and business publicity.

Is Neon brighter than LED?

The Neon signs are warmer and dimmer than LED neon. This ability makes them more attractive to new customers and buyers. Their eye-catching ability makes them more iconic than LED neon signs, according to the old trend. So, traditional Neon lighting is a more popular choice in the perspective of business publicity and advertisement. Whereas the LED neon signs doesn’t have the shining ability, which is a comprehensive feature of the Neon signs. This is the only drawback of the LED neon lights in terms of versatility.

Is LED Neon Strip Flexible Than Traditional Neon Lighting?

LED neon strips can be used in many other fields. They are more preferred for the lighting of residential, industrial, and commercial areas. Moreover, the fame of LED Neon Light is increasing because of its silicon texture. The silicon property makes them softer and flexible than traditional Neon lighting. Therefore, LED neon strips are more appealing, according to modern trends. They are widely used in border lighting, accent lighting, signage, and interior outlines.

Space Requirement

The space requirement is the last but not the least prominent factor that you should consider before making a decision about Neon signs and LED neon.

LED Neon Requires Less Space?

The LED neon is about 25 to 30% thinner than ordinary neon signs. This thinness quality makes it easier for them to fit in a limited or small space. So the LED neon is the best option for small shops or grocery stores because of their low space requirement.

Is Neon Sign Thicker Than LED Neon?

While Neon signs are bulkier than LED neon as well as taller than ordinary lights. So they are the best option for large businesses and brands. Also, the LED neon is only 0.23 inches thick. Whereas the Neon signs are 3 to 5 inches thick due to the glass tubes.


Lifetime is the last factor that we will discuss. This factor is important for long term planning and investment projects. This will also help you in choosing from Neon signs and LED neon lights.

What Is the Lifetime Of Neon Signs?

The lifetime of traditional Neon Signs is about 10,000 hours. This lifetime is not enough according to the modern trends. You have to change the Neon lights from time to time.

Is LED Neon Last Longer?

The average lifetime of a Flex LED neon is more than 50,000 hours. This lifetime is excellent according to the modern trends. You don’t have to worry about their replacement periodically. Moreover, LED neon lights are water-resistant. So, they can last long even in rainy weather or moisture.


In the end, It all depends on your project, requirements, and budget. LED neon has the upper hand in terms of price, maintenance, safety, modern trends, space requirement and lifetime. Whereas the Neon signs have the upper hand in terms of versatility (old trends). So Neon signs are useful in some conditions, whereas LED neon is helpful in others.

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