Frequently Asked Questions About LED Neon, LED Neon Strips and LED Neon Signs.

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  • How is LED Neon made?

LED Neon is made out of two important materials which are LED strip lights and silicon tubes. At Potato Lighting we start from the production of LED strip lights before we go ahead to produce silicon tubes either manually or through the extrusion process. We have a blog post that explains the full process of production including pictures.

  • What are RGB LED neon lights? Do you produce them?

RGB LED neon lights are a type of color-changing LED neon light usually producing red, green, and blue lights. They are often used to create a dramatic and attractive lighting effect and can be used at retail displays, trade show booths, to highlight indoor and outdoor architectural structures, etc.

We have the necessary materials, machines, and manpower to manufacture and supply RGB LED neon lights at Potato Lighting. If you need RGB LED neon lights, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • What is the cost of LED neon? Is it also as expensive as neon light?

The price of LED neon is usually dependent on the size and shape of the neon sign you want. However, LED neon is usually 10% lesser in cost compared to Neon light of the same size and shape. Check out the prices of different LED neon lights at Potato Lighting here.

  • What is the difference between LED neon and neon lights?

LED neon is produced using light-emitting diodes which are joined together to form a constant light source and are covered in silicone or PU tubes while Neon light is produced from the reaction between neon gas and other gases in a glass tube.

Apart from the fact that LED neon and neon lights have different production processes, they also differ in a lot of other qualities that you can read about here.

  • Is Neon brighter than LED? (Which is better Neon or LED?)

LED lights have brighter and more prominent lights which are visible during the day as well as in the nighttime compared to Neon lights which are warmer and might only really be seen in the dark. See the full comparison of other features between LED light and Neon Light here.


  • What is a LED neon strip? How does the LED neon strip work?

LED Neon Strip is a kind of LED lighting that has the look and stimulates the effect of Neon light but without the dangers or disadvantages associated with Neon Lights. Check here to know how LED neon strips work in full detail.

  • What are the top 4 factors that you need to consider before buying LED neon strip lights?

Each lighting project is unique and it’s important to know the things to consider to achieve your desired result and make the best choices when it comes to investing in LED neon strip lights.

Some factors that should top the list include

  • Knowing the level of brightness you want because LED neon strip comes in different level of brightness
  • You need to know what color temperature or color combination you want.
  • Consider where the LED neon strip would be used as this will determine if it needs to be waterproof or the dimension needed for the project.
  • You need to decide on what voltage you need as LED neon strips can be high voltage or low voltage.

To have more understanding of these factors and see a complete range of factors you need to consider before buying LED Neon Strips, check here.

  • Can I cut the LED neon strip? How?

Yes, you can cut LED Neon Strips, to cut the strips:

  •  Locate the cut line which is usually a vertical black mark on the silicon housing.
  •  Cut a wedge out of the silicon on the cut line with a sharp blade to expose the strips.
  • Use sharp scissors to cut across the strip leaving enough space for soldering.
  • Cut back on the silicon a bit to make soldering your wires to a copper pad easy.
  • Solder the  wires by connecting the red wire to the positive anode and black wire to the negative anode
  • Glue on an end cap using a silicone adhesive so it can retain its waterproof feature.
  • Connect the LED neon strip to power to test if it’s working appropriately.

Using tools that are not sharp for this process might cause you to pull or bend the strip which might cause it to stop working. Also, ensure that the strip is already cool and not warm from soldering before connecting it to power.

  • Can I connect the LED neon strip?

Yes, it is possible to connect LED neon strips. Connecting a LED neon strip is easier than most people think. To connect your LED neon strips, follow these instructions:

  1. Cut the LED neon strips at the cutting mark indicated on it using very sharp scissors so as not to pull or bend the wires by mistake
  2. Apply solder on the cut end of the LED neon strip
  3. Strip or tin the wire ends that are to be connected to it.
  4. Place the wires on the soldered end of the LED neon strips, ensure that thy match correctly
  5. Apply a bit more solder to keep the two ends in place
  6. Attach an end cap over the exposed part of the LED neon strip using a silicon adhesive for a waterproof effect.
  7. Allow the LED neon strip to cool before connecting it to the power supply for testing.

To know more about connecting LED strips and the factors to consider, check out this blog post.

  • What’s the difference between LED neon strip and LED strip?

There isn’t much difference between LED neon strip and LED strip because they are both made from LED. However, their light effects are different as LED neon strips produce better color consistency and a smooth illumination compared to LED strips where you still get to see the individual light dots from the bulbs.

Although they are both flexible and bendable, the LED neon strips are usually thicker. Click here to see why LED neon strips might be a better choice.

  • What’s the length of LED neon strips?

LED neon strips come in different lengths and voltages, at Potato Lighting we produce the 12V LED neon strip that comes in maximum of 5 meter length and the DC24V LED neon strip that comes in 10 meter length.

We can also Produce LED neon Strips that run for as long as 100meters so you can get to cut it to your desired length. Check out this blog post for other things you need to know before choosing your LED neon strips.

  • What’s the brightness of a LED neon strip?

Usually, the brightness of LED neon strips are measured in Lumens. It could come in from as low as 100lm/m to as high as 2200lm/m.

To get more brightness you need to buy a LED neon strip with high lumen. Read this post to know more about the qualities of LED neon strips and how to make informed choices.

  • Can your LED neon strip be used outdoors?

Yes, LED neon strips can be used outdoors and for several other different unique applications.

  • What’s the IP level of a waterproof LED neon strip?

LED neons strips with an IP level of IP67 are very effective for outdoor uses, in bathrooms, and pools. Check out this post to know more about IP ratings for LED lights.

  • How do I install the LED neon strips?

To install LED neon strips, follow these steps:

  1. First cut the LED neon strips to your desired length using sharp scissors at the dash cutting line indicated on the LED neon strip.
  2. Use mounting clips or mounting channels to install the strips.
  3. When using mounting channels, lock the LED neon strips into the channel firmly using the palm of one hand while using the other hand to gently guide the rest of the strips. It’s preferable to wear a glove for this.
  4. Do not use any hard or sharp object like a hammer to force the LED neons strip into the channel.
  • How can I choose the voltage for my LED neon strip?

Usually LED neon comes in different voltages. You can choose a low voltage DC12V/14V or high voltage of 110V/220V for your project depending on what you want to achieve. Although when using a high voltage of 110V/220V you will not need LED drivers, LED neon strips of low voltage of 12V/24V lasts longer.

  • How can I choose a LED controller for my LED neon strip?

Choosing the right controller is important to effectively and easily control the effect of your LED neon strip lighting. We have a blog post that explains in detail 12 different controllers and the types of LED strips they work best for.

  • Are LED neon strips dimmable?

Yes, LED neon strips are dimmable. So you can have control over the lights and make them change colors, brighten up, or dim down during certain events or at various times in a day.

  • Can the LED neon strip be controlled by a DMX system?

DMX is one of the most practical and convenient options for having full control of your LED neon strip lighting. When you are using colorful LED neon strips or even the RGB LED neon strips, the DMX controller is your best choice to access lots of features from a single centralized location.

  • Does my LED Neon Strip need to have a particular bendable direction?

Yes, the bendable direction of a LED neon strip determines what kind of surface it can be used for. There are two main bendable directions for LED neon strips which are the horizontal and vertical bendable directions.

For a flat surface application, use LED neon strips with horizontal bendable direction, while for three-dimensional luminous surfaces, use LED neon strips with a vertical bendable direction. Read this post to know more about bendable directions and other important factors to consider when choosing LED neon strips.

  • What are the applications of LED Neon Strips?

LED neon strips can be applied in varieties of projects and for different purposes both outdoor and indoor. Check this post to see the different applications of LED neon strips including pictures.

  • Are LED Neon strips customizable?

Yes, LED neon strips are customizable. Not only can you choose your specific size and color, but you can also customize color temperature, brightness, warmth, etc.


  • How are LED neon signs made?

The first step to the production of LED neon signs at Potato Lighting is to discuss with you to know what you want so we can design it on Corel draw. You can also send us a ready-made design of what you want if you have it.

After this, we go through the process of engraving acrylic, cutting LED neon strips, bending LED neon strips to desired shapes or letters, and then soldering them.

We put the product through the aging test for quality control and then package it for delivery to you. To have a full view of our work process when creating LED Neon signs, check this post.

  • How do LED neon signs work?

LED neon signs are designed and produced by tightly packing low voltage LED strips into silicon tubes which are light weighted and more flexible than glass tubes. The tubes are then bent into desired shapes and sizes. Check this blog post that contains all you need to know about LED neon signs.

  • How long do LED neon signs last?

LED neon signs last for as long as 50,000 hours which is about 25 times more than the traditional neon signs which last for only about 10,000 hours. Check out this blog post to see more qualities of LED Neon.

  • How do I maintain a LED neon sign?

The easy and safe maintenance of LED neon signs is one of its major advantages. There is no extra cost for maintenance as all it needs is regular cleaning. We have a post that covers everything about LED neon signs including cleaning and maintenance.

  • Will my Neon Sign be useful during the day

LED neon signs shine bright enough to be evident during the day. So they are useful during the day as they are useful at night.

  • Do you have LED neon Sign backboard options?

Our team of experts can design a shape or size of backboard that will fit your LED neon sign design. However, if you already have a backboard design in mind, you can let us know and we’ll work it out.


  • What makes POTATO LED strips superior to those sold elsewhere?

For the past 7 years, we have been actively producing LED strips in the lighting industry, we have seen how many counterfeit products are in the market and how a lot of people waste money buying products that do not work effectively. Our aim is to produce LED strips that are affordable and yet of outstanding quality.

To make this happen, our manufacturing process is double-checked under a strict quality control process, such as using highly thick PCB and quality chips ensuring we deliver the best products to our clients.

  • Does POTATO lighting manufacture their neon strip lights or are you just a reseller?

We design and manufacture LED neon strip lights from scratch at Potato lighting, using well-tested top-notch materials, cutting-edge techniques and a well-structured work process that helps us produce the most effective and long-lasting LED neon strips.

  • What is the warranty of your LED products?

Because of how confident we are about the LED products we produce and supply, we provide a warranty of up to 5 years on our LED products, so you can be assured that you are getting nothing less than the best when you choose to work with us.

  • How can I order LED products from you?

To order LED lights from Potato Lighting, you can contact us to speak with any of the experts on our team about the specifications of LED products you need.

If you are not sure of exactly what you need, don’t worry, we will be glad to discuss your project and make our recommendations.

After which we would send you a free quote and get to work on your approval.

  • Can I place an order on the website directly?

Yes, we have a range of products including LED strip lights, LED linear lights, and LED neon strips on the websites that are posted with their specifications.

You can click on any to ‘add to quote’. However, if you cannot find the specification of LED product you need on the website please reach out to us and we will get it done.

  • Do You Sell LED Neon strips in bulk to wholesalers?

Yes, we provide both OEM and ODM services to wholesalers, trading companies, construction companies, project designers, development companies, etc.

So if you need LED neon strips in bulk, please contact us and we will send you a free quote.

  • Is there a minimum order of quantity before I can order?

No, at Potato Lighting, there is no restriction based on minimum order of quantity. We are flexible and we work with any size of order we receive.

We give the same exceptional attention and quality to work of any size.

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