Don’t Let the Led Strip Light Ruined the Ceiling of Your Room!

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In lighting design, indirect lighting generally uses LED strips in the light slot. As more and more light slots use LED strips, various strange effects have come out. So how did these strange effects come out?

The light can’t come out, and there is a clear interception of light

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The light can’t come out too far away, and the intensity is very high, so it is set aside

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“Zigzag” appears on the edge of the light strip. This situation occurs most often, and the light is a crooked shape.

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The lamp trough is near the wall, and all the beads are leaking out

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Well, if the effect of the light strip after decoration is as shown above, the effect will really destroy the beauty of the ceiling.

Now let ’s first solve the problem of how to install the light strip. It is a pity to abandon the comfortable space of the light strip just because it is not installed properly!

The Methods for Installing Led Strip Lights in Different Positions of Grooves

Some of the light strips are used to lighten the ceiling in the light trough, and some of them are used to lighten the wall. Different positions have different methods.

Lighten the ceiling

The above-mentioned cases where the light does not come out, probably due to the improper operation of the workers during construction, the light strip was mistakenly placed as a traditional T5 tube and placed in the light trough. It was completely blocked by the baffle, causing the light to shine all over the ceiling, so it “cannot shine out.”

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▲ The installation method of the light strip is incorrect, which leads to this effect

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▲ Node display, basically no light comes out

Therefore, LED strips are not suitable for horizontal placement and are more suitable for horizontal installation. However, due to the thinness of the LED light strip, if the installation position is slightly lower, the light will still be blocked by the baffle, and the shading line will become obvious, resulting in the problem of not being far away.

▲ The installation position is slightly lower, causing the light of the light strip to be blocked by the baffle.

Therefore, if you want to shine far, the light strip needs to be fixed to the wall horizontally to reduce the occlusion and increase the effective light area of the light strip. According to the size of the indoor area, the light strip is adjusted to the person. The angle at which the eye cannot see below. The utilization rate of light is also higher than the above, and more light flux is output to the ceiling.

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▲ The installation position is correct, and the light is basically diffused outward.

Since the baffle will block part of the light, you can use a light strip with a certain polarized light distribution or use an inclined installation to allow more light to go to the ceiling.

▲ The light strip has a slight inclination angle when it is installed, which can appropriately improve the light utilization rate.

▲ The light strip has its own polarized property, which can greatly improve the light utilization rate and the projection distance will be farther.

As for the problem of sawtooth, it is generally caused by the use of a hard light bar, which is caused by misplacement in the light groove. Just pay attention to the installation position and keep the shading wire away from the lamp slot. Even if it is a bit misaligned, it does not produce obvious aliasing. Of course, the luminous flux of flexible light bars is getting larger and larger, and the use of hard light bars is also rare. There is also a case where the sawtooth appears, which is that the light strip has fallen off and does not light up after a long time.

Lighten the wall

Let’s look at the problems to be avoided with the lamp trough lamp and wall washing. If the wall is made of non-mirror material, the wall washer can be installed on the top of the ceiling, and it can be fixed on the wall horizontally at a certain height. In consideration of aesthetics, adjust the light strip so that it cannot be seen by human eyes obliquely below angle.

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▲ It is installed on the top to illuminate the wall surface, and the light strip can be seen only at a specific angle.

If the wall material is a specular reflection, you need to change the installation method, sacrificing the efficiency of light utilization, and using diffuse reflection to illuminate the wall surface.

Lamp selection

In addition to the light strip, there are many lamps that can more easily achieve the effect of a ceiling light.

LED rigid light bar

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LED flexible light

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Lighting Enviroment

The installation of light strips in the light trough can create a soft and comfortable lighting environment for space. Taking the home as an example, we can start from the following places.


The bedroom is a place to rest and sleep, in fact, do not like to see the dazzling light. The design of adding the light strip not only plays a role in beautifying the shape and space but also can avoid the glare of the lamp to the greatest extent.

Therefore, many designers will use warm-colored lamps to bring light to the ceiling, walls and even the bedside of the bedroom to create a warm and suitable ambient light to enhance the comfort of the residents.

Living Room

The soft light from the light strip can enhance the feeling of smallpox, make the three-dimensional sense of the space stronger, and easily create a high style.

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