The Difference of Most Popular Chips of 3528, 2835, and 5050.

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The LED strip light is a modern way of lighting our homes by higher luminous efficiency and lesser cost than traditional lighting. An LED strip light consists of several surface-mounted light-emitting diodes (SMD LEDs). Names of LED strip are a description of the size of SMD LEDs.

The difference in SMD size directly affects the strip’s luminous intensity, but the density factor should also be kept in mind. A denser LED strip can be more luminous in a particular area despite being smaller in SMD size. Three of the most popular LED strip lights in the market are 5050, 2835, and 3528. Now, 2835 is considered the best in the business because of better qualities like price, heat dissipation, thickness, appearance, and luminous flux for LED strip lights.

Nomenclature of LED Strip Lights

Every LED strip light has a four-digit number as its name. These four digits are the dimensions of SMD LEDs on the LED strip. For example, the 2835 LED strip has a 2.8mm*3.5mm dimension. Here is a picture of some LED strip lights for better understanding.

Different LEDs with their dimensions

Let’s compare the salient features and functions of three LED strips to aid you in a better decision while buying an LED strip light.

Features and Functions of 5050 LED Strip Light

5050 LED strip light has three SMD components mounted, and it produces three times the light produced by other smaller LEDs. Its dimensions are 5*5mm. Due to three SMDs, it is called tri-chips LED strip light. It can produce millions of color variations due to tri-chip quality. 5050 LED strip covers three times the area as compared to other LED strip lights. That is why it is wider and thicker than other smaller LED strip lights.

The operating voltage is around 3V. It is a waterproof LED with a rating of IP65. 5050 LED strip has addressable strips. Also, the 5050 LED strip light has a higher power level because of its tri-chip character. Due to the higher power level, more heat is generated in the 5050 LED strip, and that is why the 5050 LED strip has a wider and thicker PCB.

The specialty of 5050 lies in the fact that it is adjustable with RGB (tri-chips), RGBW (4 chips in one), RGB-CCT (5 chips in one), and addressable RGB (Pixel). Through these features, 5050 can produce millions of color variations.

 5050 LED strip light can produce up to 1000 lumens per meter of light. That is why it is most recommended for larger areas like stadiums, hotels, marriage halls, etc. They are feasible for single color applications but one of the best options for RGB.

China LED Flexible 5050 RGB LED Strip Light - China DC12V Strips, 5050 LED  Strips

Features and Functions of 2835 LED Strip Light

2835 LED strip light has an average thickness of 0.8mm with the dimensions of 2.8mm*3.5mm. It has a built-in heat sink mechanism to increase the life and efficiency of the strip light. 2835 LED strip light is used in linear lights, spotlights, and so on. This LED strip can be regarded as a modern and upgraded version of 3528 LED strip light with lesser thickness and more luminous flux.

2835 LED from inside and in bulk

Features and Functions of 3528 LED Strip Light

3528 LED strip light has 3.5mm*2.8mm SMDs mounted on it. It can produce 360 to 720 lumens/meter as compared to 1000 lumens by 5050 LED strip. This LED strip does not require a heat sink because of the limited heat produced by low power consumption. They are readily used in tight spaces because of their smaller size. Also, their functions include lighting in color, splashing walls, under tables, bars, etc.

3528 24V LED Tape, by Creative Lighting Singapore

A Comparison Table of 2835 and 5050

5050 is one of the oldest in business, whereas 2835 is the most advanced and modern LED. On the one side, due to its greater size, 5050 provides more lumens, whereas, on the other side, 2835 is more feasible in closed spaces. The comparison table of two are given below:

Size of SMD2.8mm*3.5mm5mm*5mm
No. of ChipsOneThree
Luminous Flux20-30 lumens18-24 lumens
Power Consumption0.2W0.24W
ColorsRed, Green, Blue, Yellow, White, Warm WhiteRed, Green, Blue, Yellow, White, Warm White + RGB
Heat DissipationNot necessary but availableNecessary to avoid overheat
ControlFully dimmable, CCT controlFully dimmable, CCT control+ RGB control
Beam Angle120 degrees120 degrees
Luminosity360 to 6000 lumens/meter1000 lumens/ meter
Comparison table of 2835 and 5050 LEDs

Why is 2835 LED Strip Light Better than 3528 LED Strip Light?

3528 LED strip light is an older version and has a vast marketplace, but in the recent past, the advent of 2835 LED strip light proved to be a more environment friendly, better quality LED strip with lesser thickness. 2835 LED strip can be termed as an improved version of the 3528 LED strip. Five significant differences can be listed below as:

1. Appearances

Both the strips have the same dimensions in length and width, but thickness is different. 2835 LED strip has 0.8mm thickness as compared to 1.6mm thickness of 3528 LED strip. The finished products are thinner when 2835 LED strip is used as compared to 3528 LED strip.

Thickness difference of 2835 and 3528

2. Luminous Flux

The bigger diode of the 2835 LED strip allows it to be more luminous than the 3528 LED strip. Also, 2835 falls in the mid-power and high-power LED, whereas 3528 is a low-power LED. Due to high power, the 2835 LED strip’s luminous flux is 25 lumens, whereas the luminous flux of 3528 is just 8 lumens.

3. Heat Dissipation

The additional bottom heat sink in the 2835 LED strip allows it to dissipate most of the heat. This allows a longer life with higher efficiency. The heat sink is also one reason why the 2835 LED strip has more brightness than the 3528 LED strip, which has no heat dissipation mechanism.

Heat sink in 3528 and 2835

4. Price

The price of 2835 LED is slightly higher because it is more advanced than 3528 LED. However, technological advancement is bringing more and more cheap options in the market, and it is predicted that soon the prices of both LEDs will be the same. Even now, most of the 2835 LEDs have the same price as 3528 LEDs.

5. Application Area

Low power of 3528 LED is used in many LED strip manufacturing industries, but in high and mid-power SMD LED industry, 2835 LEDs are used. However, it is clear that soon 2835 LED will replace 3528 LEDs because of their durability, luminous intensity, and lighter size.

 3528 LED Strip2835 LED strip
SMD Size3.5mm*2.8mm2.8mm*3.5mm
Luminous flux6-8 lumens20-30 lumens
Heat dissipationNo heat sinkAn additional bottom heat sink
PriceCheaperMore costly
ApplicationsSplashing walls, under tables, etc.LED strips, spotlights, linear lights, etc.

In a nutshell, while choosing an LED, the LED’s size and how many chips in an LED will depend on the type of project you plan to use these LED strip lights. From the discussion, it is clear that 5050 has more lumens, so it can be used in an area where larger intensity is required. From the other two LEDs, 3528 and 2835, the latter one is more suitable and will soon replace the 3528 LED with scientific advancement and thinner design. It is because 2835 LED is better in every aspect than the 3528 LED. The reason people still buying 3528 LED can be related to consumption habits where consumers do not want to test any other equipment than they already know.

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