The LED Linear Light Suspension: How and When it can be used

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Suspended lighting is when lighting luminaires are hung to the ceiling with chains or ropes. This type of lighting is used in ultra-modern buildings or commercial spaces when there is a desire to project a dramatic, creative and attractive feel. 

Suspended lighting is a switch up from the usual recessed lighting types.

It is perfect for spaces with high ceilings or irregularly shaped architectural structures as it can be used for the three types of lighting.

  • General Lighting: To serve as the main source of light in a space
  • Task Lighting: To illuminate a specific task area in order to promote productivity e.g. workers desks in an office space
  • Accent Lighting: Used to draw attention to a specific area of a room 
LED Linear Lights

Suspended LED Linear Lights

Suspended LED linear lights involve the use of LED technology in linear luminaires. It has been one of the most demanded and used sources of lighting in commercial industries, this is because of its outstanding benefits. 

  • Suspended LED Lighting Offers a lot of Purposeful Options

Compared to other types of LED linear lighting, the versatility of suspended lighting makes it a great option when it comes to a lot of lighting challenges. It comes in different shapes, sizes, colors, designs, and fixtures that produce different effects depending on how they are used.

You are likely to find at least one type of suspended LED light that will fit in and solve any illumination challenge you have.

Suspended LED linear lights can be suspended at different heights to achieve different purposes in a space. To use suspended LED lights for general or ambient lighting, it is best the suspension height should be short and closer to the ceiling. This way it projects a wide range of lighting all over the room and makes it easy to navigate.

When it is suspended much lower or further away from the ceiling it serves the purpose of task lighting as the light produced becomes more directed at a particular part or section of a space.

Suspension LED linear lighting also emits light in three different ways, they include

  1. Direct Light Emission: This is when the suspended lighting fixture produces light that is directed at a desired area of a room. These kinds of suspended lighting fixtures are used for task lighting purposes. They can be used in areas that need powerful, focused illumination for productivity like in dining rooms, office areas, reading desks, etc.
  1. Indirect Light Emission: This is when the suspended LED light fixture helps to spread light across a space and not just to one target object or section. These types of fixtures are usually used to achieve general or ambient lighting. It should be used when there is a need to increase the general brightness of a space.
  1. Direct – Indirect Emission: This is when the suspended LED light fixture combines both direct and indirect light emission. This type of lighting is perfect when one wants to achieve both general lighting and task lighting at the same time. It is perfect for working spaces as it provides general brightness and enough light to carry out productive activities.
  • Suspended LED Lighting is Energy Efficient

LED lights are well known for their energy efficiency as they produce better lumen output compared to the energy they consume. Suspended LED linear lights have top-quality color renderings and color temperatures and they are able to perform so well without large energy consumption.

Although they might seem more expensive than other lighting options initially, the energy they save and how long they last compared to other options, cover 

up for these at the end of the day.

  • Suspended LED Lighting provides unique aesthetics

Apart from how useful suspended LED lighting is as regards versatility and energy efficiency, it also brings aesthetics to the table. Suspended LED lights can be used to create very catchy designs to suit any space. 

For large spaces with high ceilings, suspended LED linear lights of different shapes can be arranged in isolation or in clusters to create a unified or a dramatic effect while still providing sufficient lighting for the whole space.

Ways In Which Suspended LED Linear Light can be used

  1. In the Kitchen.

Suspended LED linear lights can be used indoors in homes, particularly in the kitchen, and preferably suspended over the cooking area to create a form of task lighting effect. If there is already a source of main light in the kitchen then a direct LED linear light can be used for this function.

However, you can use direct-indirect led light if you want to achieve both task and ambient lighting in your kitchen.

Suspended LED Linear Light over Cooking Area
  1. In Company Reception Areas.

An isolated LED linear light can be suspended over a receptionist’s desk to call the attention of visitors who are walking into the building for the first time. 

This serves as a kind of accent lighting as it directs the eyes of people to a particular area.

Suspended LED Linear Light at Receptionist Desk
  1. In office BreakOut Spaces.

Taking structured quality breaks in between work is known to have a great effect on productivity. This is why it’s important to thoughtfully create relaxing break-out areas at work.

The lighting of such places play a huge role in setting the mood. Using suspended LED lighting of different shapes, lengths, arranged in clusters or in solitaries can boost the relaxing and creative feeling of a workspace break-out area.

Suspended LED Linear Light in Office Breakout Area
  1. In Large Office Work Areas

In work areas where a large number of workers are sharing a single workspace, it’s important there is proper brightness to aid productivity. Direct – indirect LED linear suspended lights can be used so that they can serve as both general lighting and task lighting.

A properly lit workspace is known to boost workers’ morale and motivate them to perform better compared to dull work areas.

Suspended LED Linear Light over Work Desks
  1. In conference halls 

Conference halls are usually diversely used for different purposes. Using Suspended LED linear lights for the center of the ceiling directly over the table is an excellent choice to aid easy reading of meeting brochures and other materials. 

Using suspended LED lights that have dimmable functionality is even better in case of presentation using projectors. Depending on the nature of meetings, the lighting can be adjusted to the desired level.

Suspended LED Linear Light the Center of a Conference Hall
  1. In Cinemas

Lighting a cinema involves a whole lot of planning because the architectural structure is usually built to be as creative as possible from the lobby to the stairs to the hall and even the stage. Lighting sets the mood.

Suspended LED linear lights can be used in the cinema both for the aesthetics it adds and the functionality of the lights. The LED linear lights can be suspended in different heights and styles using different shapes for different parts of the cinema. It can serve as both general lighting and accent lighting. 

Lighting used in the cinema should have a dimmable functionality so that it can be adjusted to the level needed depending on activities.

Suspended LED Linear Light at Cinema
  1. Factory floors

Proper lighting is an essential factor in factories. It aids productivity and ensures that the working environment is safe. Some factories are really big and have minimal exposure to natural lighting and can seem dark even during day time because of the number of machines and workers in it. 

It is important to pay attention to the type of general lighting used in factories so that work processes can be carried out in areas bright enough to prevent collision or injuries.

  1. Commercial Stores

Because LED lights have color rendering indexes that can be close to daylight, it’s a great option for commercial stores or shopping malls as people will be able to see the real colour of items just like they would under daylight.

Suspended LED Linear Light at Cloth Store

Suspended LED linear lights can be used in varieties of ways depending on the lighting challenge you are trying to solve. if you are still confused about how to make use of suspended LED linear light, contact us to speak with a brilliant professional.

Let us know if you have any questions in the comment section.

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