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Flex neon lights are pretty famous and for the right reasons. They come in a range of colors and last for a long time.
An LED flex neon is an excellent option for dynamic lighting solutions since they can be connected almost everywhere and require minimal maintenance. You may have difficulty finding other lighting solutions that offer as much style and value.
This type of lighting comes with outstanding control options and advanced effects, making your lighting arrangement more stunning. But the catch is that you must select suitable LED flex neon lights per your needs.
However, you must use them in the right and suitable way. If you are contemplating having them in your business establishment or home, stick around for a comprehensive analysis.

Let’s get a detailed outlook on how you can exploit flex neon lights in any setup and enhance the appearance of specific places.

To help you make an informed decision, here is the ultimate guide on LED flex neon lights.

What is Flex Neon?

Flex neon is a form of light packaged inside a transparent or colored light strip. Every flex neon strip typically comprises various LEDs connected to a controller. You can use this controller to display different types of light patterns. Usually, these trips come in varying shapes and sizes and are ideal for making exciting patterns in your business establishment or around the house.

Flex neon has been around for some time, used heavily to exhibit essential product-related information. Their colorful and bright lights are the easiest and most appealing way to captivate the attention of individuals walking near them.

They have become better and evolved to the point that they’re now used in virtually everything, including vehicles.

How Can You Use Neon Flex Lights?

You can use flex neon lights in various applications. It would not be easy to name all the incredible flex neon ideas here. And it all comes down to how one can be creative.

However, there are some main ways you can use flex neon lights heavily around yourself.

So, here are some ways to use flex neon lights:


Regarding advertisements, exquisite attention is the primary goal, and the surefire way to achieve that is via dazzling lights such as flex neon. Outdoor ads have been depending on flex neon light for years, and the advancements are more accessible and getting better to people. There are particular flex neon lights designed for ads that are more significant than those that are for indoors. You can see these lights from miles around, specifically at night.

Façade Lighting

Flex neon lights outside a building are an innovative way of illuminating the facade and letting the architecture shine. If you want to draw attention to the textures, colors, and shapes, use flex neons that enhance the building style to its optimal purpose.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology in the form of flex neon LEDs in the building façade, you can form different light patterns to provide a unique and different design to the building. Only a dependable LED light manufacturer like Potato Lighting can provide high-quality products meeting this need.

Indoor Lighting

Flex neon lights are a great option if you want ambient lighting. Flex neon lights can immediately transform the interior décor and atmosphere of the house, depending on how you utilize them.

Moreover, you can also have them set up under the stairs for soft lighting effects or arranged under furniture or into the ceiling to show that soft glow, adding to the aesthetic appeal of the overall room.

So, you can easily experiment with different colors to create a uniquely-lit ambiance inside your home or office.  

Architectural Lighting

There is more to lighting than merely providing visibility during the nighttime. You can also use lights to create an aesthetic feeling.

Having your entire building lit up in different colors can be breathtaking, and the only way you can pull this off is by using flex neon lights. You can install them in specific areas that are hidden away so that just their soft glow hits the walls.

The architectural neon lights are typically used during special occasions such as New Year’s Eve. The complete building is washed in colorful lights that switch patterns every few seconds.

Benefits of using Flex Neon Lights

There are various reasons why individuals go for LED flex neon for some events as opposed to other forms of lighting. They are a popular form of lighting used in various manners and settings.

Here are some of the benefits of using Flex neon lighting.

  • Versatile. Flex neon lights aren’t limited to just one function; you can leverage them for different purposes. Whether you want to install them in your swimming pool, in your car, or the house, you aren’t limited in any way
  • Easy Installation. Many flex neon lights are plug-and-play styles. You don’t have to fret with any complex setup. Just easily stick them to a specific surface in the manner you want to, and once all that is ready, plug them into a source of power and switch them on
  • Energy Savers. The LEDs in every flex neon strip are optimized for the highest light output and use reduced power in the procedure. Compared with fluorescent bulbs and frequent incidences, flex neon lights use comparatively less energy despite all the features. This is why they are leveraged more on large-scale installations.


Neon Flex lights are getting better every year as the top suppliers and manufacturers embrace advanced technologies. There are various ways to use lights in your businesses, home, or even vehicles. And there is no standard way, so you are free to experiment with what your resourcefulness can come up with.

Flex neon LEDs provide imaginative possibilities and are just unbeatable. While understanding their features is paramount, you need a competent Flex neon LEDs manufacturer to help you accomplish the specific lighting project goals.

A manufacturer like Potato-Lighting can help provide highly customized addressable LED strips for your specific kind of project.

So, if you want your lights to be fully-customized, long-lasting, and high-quality, you have come to the right place! Contact us and get a quote today.

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