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There are so many benefits of neon flex lights. The advantages make most people consider them instead of traditional lights. Neon flex lights win because of their versatility. Besides their versatility, one can use them for decorations too. So, many businesses use neon flex lights for advertisement. It is also a fantastic option for setting up performance stages.
Neon flex lights are diverse and accessible. Recent research shows that their demand is growing worldwide.
Hence, to meet the increasing demand, there are neon flex light suppliers everywhere. Regardless of your location, you can get these lights. So, we have compiled a quick guide on neon flex suppliers.
Keep reading below to know what to consider when getting one.

Why Do Businesses Look for a Neon Flex Lights Supplier?

Buying your neon flex light from manufacturers is the way to go. Check out some benefits of taking this route:


1) It Can Save Money

Neon flex light suppliers buy these products in bulk from manufacturers. Some suppliers produce neon flex lights at their factories. So, it counters the need for intermediaries. Using an intermediary reduces your profit margins. The third-party will need their cut that you can avoid.
Moreover, some suppliers sell the neon lights like the manufacturer, i.e., at the first price. But, you may need to buy thousands of these lights to get the best deals. The solution is getting a reliable manufacturer, like Potato-Lighting. The deal goes in your favor since our prices are less than other manufacturers.
Research more on the best neon flex light suppliers before committing your money. If you do it well, your business gets cyclical. As we know, doing the right thing isn’t easy. It might take more time than you think.
But once things are flowing in your favor, your brand gets popular. It will be sizeable with several flex lights suppliers. What you want is considerable credibility and authority.
At this point, it is easy to negotiate lower bulk prices. Do the math and charge well without compromising profits. As a wholesaler, you must engender loyalty across all parties. It can be tricky to maintain this line. But it is manageable.

2) It Helps You Create and Nurture Your Brand

Buying the lights from a manufacturers means rebranding under them. You may see big stores packaging and branding their items. But are they also the manufacturers?
No! You can do the same to reinforce your brand. Check if your deal with the company includes rebranding. If it does, proceed.
Among consumers, manufacturers’ roles are invisible. You can buy neon flex lights from the supplier and stamp your brand. You’ll strengthen your brand if you have quality items at excellent prices.

3) You’ll Gain Industry Knowledge

Buying neon flex lights from Potato-Lighting cuts the need for intermediaries. You only have the manufacturer in the chain. As a result, it becomes easier to understand how the industry works. Here is what you will discover by eliminating third parties:

  • The flow of the business supply chain
  • Manufacturers with the lowest prices
  • External operations

Any third party in a supply chain will increase your operational costs. So, eliminating them means increasing your profit margins. Such information will be helpful in the future. As your business grows, you might decide to manufacture neon flex lights.

4) It Helps You Create a Network of Suppliers

In your research, you’ll need to reach many manufacturers. You want to know those with the best neon flex lights and prices. We know that you can contact big manufacturers.
But, since your business is still young, join fellow affiliates. Networking with small manufacturers helps you create a directory of suppliers. Your networks will help give you clout you don’t have now. It increases your chances of getting discounts. You will also gain a lot of information on the business.

5) It Helps You Diversify the Business

We know how crucial it is to start small. But, as you go about the business, you open more opportunities. You can expand your inventory even if you are selling neon flex lights.
Once you stabilize the neon light business, try other lighting fixtures. It will be great to be within your specialty. Also, expanding will be easier since you already have contacts. If you have built solid relationships with manufacturers, things will run smoothly. Later, you can try out other areas. The crucial thing is to follow the demand and meet it.

How to Choose a Qualified Led Flex Lighting Supplier?

You have a list of several flex light manufacturers by now. But, the dilemma is in choosing the perfect one.
So, read below to know the considerations for a solid decision.


1) Quality and Pricing

Check and confirm the quality and price of led flex lights from all suppliers. Besides, make sure you have price lists with all details. Most suppliers give lists without all the details. Detailed information helps you get true quality and prices. Also, the price determines the quality of these lights.
Don’t fall for companies luring you with low prices. That’s because it could be a trap to get you to buy low-quality neon flex lights. Be cautious about low-price strategies from suppliers.

2) Supplier’s Credibility

There are many neon flex light manufacturers worldwide. So, take your time if you are a small to medium-scale business. Avoid buying from new suppliers. These make poor lights at expensive prices. They want large overseas distributors.
In short, find reliable suppliers in the small to medium-size category. You get an idea of their credibility if you work with the supplier. Here are a few things to know when dealing with new suppliers:

  • Visit their website to check their credibility
  • Check testimonials and reviews from other buyers
  • Review their rating and score
  • Check other useful details on social media

3) Communicate with Suppliers

The supply market has a lot of competition and challenges. Thus, communicate your needs in detail to the supplier. You want to get the best prices and a smooth buying process. Here are some details to send to the supplier:

  • Specialty of lights
  • Lumen flux
  • Voltage
  • Power
  • CCT
  • Dimmable or not

Qualified and reliable manufacturers are excellent communicators. Besides, they know your needs and understand your concerns. Moreover, a reliable supplier finds reasonable solutions to increase your competitiveness.

Where to Find LED Flex Lights Suppliers?

You are ready to find suppliers since you know the type of lights to get. But how do you do it if there is none in your area? See below some ways to get LED flex light suppliers:


1) Browse Online Directories

Online wholesale directories list thousands of light suppliers. It is the easiest way to get reliable suppliers. But, it isn’t the best. There are no regulations on quality during listings. Thus, do your due if using this method.

2) Attend Local/International Trade Shows

Many vendors and suppliers gather at events every year. Some prominent ones are the Canton Fair and the Global Sources Expo. It is the fastest and easiest way of getting proven vendors. You will appreciate it even if you live in a different time zone.

3) Use Supplier Databases

So many sites offer supplier information. But you will need to pick the right suppliers. Some filters to use are price and category. That makes it easier to narrow down what you want.

4) Perform Online Searches

There are so many supplier sites with solid reputations. Some are Jungle Scout, Alibaba, and GlobalSources.
Most are B2B ecommerce platforms. You can use them to get detailed supplier information. Moreover, check online for demos on how to use these platforms.

Things to Check When Choosing Neon Flex Lights Supplier

So, what are the crucial things to look out for when choosing your supplier? You can use the pointers below and see if your neon flex light supplier has these traits.


1) Product Offerings

Ask the supplier about the products they have. You want to know if they can meet your needs. Get one that has clear product catalogs. These should be easy to search with enough details. You want to have a simple buying process. Thus, confirm if they have products you’d wish to sell later.

2) Reliable Shipping

You might buy cheaper flex lights from a supplier. But, they deliver late, resulting in big losses. So, avoid such unreliable suppliers. Instead, get a supplier with automatic shipping alerts and a tracking facility.

3) Customer Service

Excellent customer service is crucial when getting the perfect supplier for flex lights. You want to reach them faster to sort issues. Know if the supplier has a support number, live chat, or help desk.
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Strive for the Quality!

You must always look for quality, no matter which manufacturer you choose. You will find many companies selling outdoor neon flex lights. But what separates quality manufacturers from the poor ones is the IP rating. Nowadays, companies offer IP67 lights that can barely resist dust, water, or airborne particles.
You will get the best-rated (IT68) neon flex lights at Potato-Lighting. You can place our lights underwater for a long time. What’s more, we can create customized lights according to your needs. Our highly-expert staff listens to your color, length, and style needs. After that, we offer you the most-affordable neon flex lighting solution.


1) Should You Use Local or Global Wholesale Suppliers for Flex Lights?

It will depend on your location and the costs of shipping. If a domestic supplier offers quality LED neon strips at lower prices, go for it. But if an international one has the best deals, you can go for it too.

2) Do Supermarket Sellers buy flex lights from Suppliers?

Yes. Most supermarkets buy flex lights from wholesale suppliers. Supermarket sellers buy flex lights in bulk. So, they find it reasonable to use wholesale suppliers.

3) How do I Find the Best Flex Lights Suppliers?

To find the best suppliers for flex lights, check their reputation and reviews. Moreover, you can attend events and trade shows. Browse online for prospects that could help.

Final Thoughts!

LED neon flex lights make projects turn out fantastic. Also, their versatility is a plus to any buyer. Getting a reliable supplier can be daunting. But, this guide should be helpful. It has vital information to help you identify the perfect one. You want to get value for money without compromising quality.
Do you want to start a business of LED flex lights? You will need a reliable supplier. So, contact Potato-Lighting to get the best deals on all forms of LED strip lights.

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