Uses of LED Neon Strip Lights and Why It is a Better Choice?

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Neon signs had illuminated the commercial buildings and malls in the past. However, with more and more establishment of LED lighting factories, Neon LED strips to prove to be a viable alternative in this domain. LED Neon strips have various applications that will ultimately replace Neon signs and even can be used in place of LED strip lights.

LED Neon strip lights are widely used in outdoor lighting like buildings and museums. They are quickly replacing Neon signs as a mean of advertisements due to their higher efficiency, uniform brightness, and easily repairable structure. Now, LED Neon strips are even used indoor in the place of regular LED strip lights because they look more colorful than LED strip lights.

The major applications of the LED Neon strip can be listed as:

  • LED Neon Strip as Decoration Light
  • LED Neon strip in Boat Lighting
  • LED Neon Strip in Advertisements
  • LED Neon Strip in Theatre and Cinema
  • LED Neon Strip in Home

Let us discuss these uses in detail to give you a broader understanding of how LED Neon strip has a bright future.

LED Neon Strip as Decoration Light

LED Neon strip has a massive potential of replacing Neon signs as a preferred option for decoration. The LED Neon strip’s ability to operate on an as low voltage as 24V makes it a perfect candidate for decoration. Especially in outdoor decoration, the use of the LED Neon strip is frequently used now. LED Neon strips like DMX512 LED Neon N1615, which have a wider color variety, are useful in providing more options than Neon signs. Also, the 360-degree view round LED Neon strip provides a unique opportunity to give a dot free soft luminous look to decoration pieces. Here is a picture which aptly explains how LED Neon strip can be used as decoration light.

LED in decoration light

LED Neon Strip Light in Boat Lighting

LED rope lights are generally used in Boat lighting but LED Neon strip has excellent potential because LED Neon strips are covered in Silicon. That is why they provide better waterproofing and last longer than LED rope lights. The use of  LED Neon strip lights can brighten your boat’s parts, which will otherwise be difficult to access. LED Neon strip lights can be used as boat navigation lights, underwater lights, deck lights, and surface fixtures. Also, the minimal power consumption and easily operatable voltages, LED Neon strip can be the future of boat lighting. Here is a picture to explain how LED Neon strip lights can help your boat stand out.

LED in boat lighting

LED Neon Strip in Advertisements Signs

LED Neon strip in advertisements signs is becoming a new normal by replacing traditional Neon signs. The versatility, higher safety standards, maintenance ease, and flickering free light are key features that help LED Neon strip become the priority in advertisements signs. Also, the eco-friendliness of the LED Neon strip, because LEDs can now be recycled, is an essential factor. On the other hand, traditional Neon glass has lesser longevity, and after use, it is classified as toxic waste. It can be predicted that soon LED Neon strip will replace the traditional Neon glass in advertisement signs. Here is a picture to show you how beautiful LED Neon strip will look in advertisements signs.

LED in advertisement signs

LED Neon Strip in Theatre and Cinema

LED Neon strip in theatre and Cinema is increasingly used because LEDs’ operation can be controlled using programmable LEDs. The dimming option comes in handy when you use LED Neon strips. You can use an LED Neon strip according to the requirements of the play performed in the theatre. However, in the case of Cinema, LED Neon strips can be used in the gallery located before the main hall, or you can use LED Neon strip lights in the ceiling to give a more realistic look to the movie or play. In the open theatre and Cinemas, the LED Neon strip will come in a handier where it can also be used as a floodlight in parking areas. Here is a picture to illustrate this use for your ease.

LED in theatre and cinema

LED Neon Strip in Home

LED Neon strip is a better alternative to Neon glass and can be used in place of regular LED strip lights and LED linear lights. For example, in the kitchen cabinet, the ceiling of the rooms, living room, bedroom, mini pool, garage, etc. LED Neon strip is an excellent option. LED Neon strips are not very popular in indoor use or, more specifically, domestic use because they are usually costlier than the regular LED strip lights and linear lights but LED manufacturers are moving swiftly to bridge this gap of cost and provide high quality LED Neon strip at the same price as of LED strip lights and LED linear light. Here is an example of how an LED Neon strip can give your table a fantastic look.

LED in home

Why is LED Neon Strip Better than Traditional Neon Glass Light?

LED Neon strip light has several advantages over traditional glass lights and owing to these advantages, LED Neon strips are taking over Neon glass light. Some of these advantages can be listed here as:

  1. LED Neon strip has significantly less power consumption than the Neon glass light. This power consumption difference affects the flickering of lights, which gives an additional advantage to the LED Neon strip lights.
  2. Neon glass light requires regular maintenance, whereas LED Neon strip lights are and done lighting solution. This longevity is an excellent edge of LED Neon strip lights.
  3. LED Neon strip lights have a straightforward installation method because they are flexible and easy to deal with. However, Neon glass light requires utmost attention, and many safety precautions must be kept in mind while installing these glass lights because glass can break, or certain surfaces are just not suitable for glass.
  4. LED Neon strip lights have a wide variety of colors available from which customers can use the color of their choice. This variety can be controlled using different basic and advanced controllers, making it the right choice for brands to use in advertisement signs.
  5. Lastly, LED Neon strips are eco-friendly compared to Neon glass lights because LEDs can be recycled, but glass is classified as toxic waste and will contribute to the hazardous waste in the environment.
  6. Why LED Neon Strip Lights Can be Used Alternatively with LED Strip Lights and LED Linear Lights?

Although LED strip lights and LED linear lights are commonly used in indoor settings, LED Neon strip lights make their place in the market for indoor use. For example, you can use LED strip light with an aluminum channel and cover in indoor decoration. Nevertheless, in the same case, LED Neon strip light can directly be used. You can see this in the picture below.

LED Neon light on stairs

LED strip lights and LED Neon strip lights to have not much difference in price range but LED Neon strip light has slightly better light performance than LED strip light. However, both LED Neon strip lights and LED strip lights are bendable but LED Neon strip light is thicker than LED strip light. In linear light and LED Neon strip light comparison, the white light of LED linear light is still considered the best but in RGB and other multi-color applications, LED Neon strip light is alternatively used.

In a nutshell, LED Neon strip light has a great potential in the future, and it is very likely that LED Neon strip lights will replace Neon glass lights particularly in advertisement signs. Also, LED Neon strip lights have come to the point where it can be used alternatively with LED strip lights and LED linear lights.

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