6 Most Exciting LED Strip Lights in 2021 to Look For

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LED strip lights have proven their worth and efficiency right after their introduction in the market. 2020 has left many things upside-down, but the demand for LEDs is expected to grow because of the newer trends that started in quarantine.

For example, a home-based office or a room with a proper office like environment has been set up by most employees to facilitate the work from home scenario. In this case, the correct combination of LEDs will be the key to the home-based office’s aesthetic look.

This article will tell you about the six most effective and sought out LEDs to look at in 2021.

Let’s discuss each one of them in detail:

1. The COB LED Strip

COB in this LED denotes Chip on board. The chip is directly packaged on the circuit board.  Due to better tenacity, it can be bent at 180 degrees without damaging the light strip. The conventional LED strips have a dark area problem, whereas COB LED strip with higher density can solve this problem. It is easy to install, and higher efficiency makes it one of the most suitable LEDs in 2021.

COB LED strip light

You can check our COB LED strip here, which has reliable output with a warranty as long as five years.

Flexible COB LED Strip Light

For more exciting information about COB LED strip, you can check out this exciting video:

2. 1220 LED Neon Strip

1220 LED Neon strip is made of high brightness SMD 2835 LEDs. The neon LED strip is safer, cheaper, and versatile than Neon signs and that is why Neon LED strips are becoming a popular alternative to Neon signs. If you want further information about Neon LED strips and Neon signs, you can this article:


 Among the Neon LED strips, the 1220 LED Neon strip is very popular. The soft lighting effect produced by this 1220 LED Neon strip is one of the main features that makes this LED strip a potential candidate for LEDs to be looked for in 2021.

1220 LED Neon Strip

We have two main types of 1220 LED Neon Strip.

The first LED is IP67 waterproof with Silicon Material. Its unique end cap style and uniform luminosity gave it a perfect look along with durability. You can check more of its specifications here:

LED Neon N1220

The second 1220 LED Neon Strip we have for you is DMX512 LED Neon 1220. The special in this LED is RS485 signal trunk and signal transmission mode. These modes ensure the anti-interference and longer transmission distance. You can more details here:

DMX512 LED Neon 1220

3. 360 Degree Lighting LED Neon Strip

360 lighting LED Neon Strip provides a 360 lighting view due to its round shape. Most Neon LED strips to provide only one side surface-emitting but 360 lightings LED Neon strip provides an all side surface-emitting which also makes it preferred in small spaces. 360 lighting LED Neon strip is mostly used in decorating cars and homes because it provides a beautiful view. Due to the increasing reliance on remote working and its role in beautifying homes, the 360 lighting LED Neon strip is included in the list of LEDs to be considered in 2021.

360 degree Neon LED strip lights

We have this 360 lightings LED Neon strip with IP67 waterproof protection with yellowing resistance and uniform luminescence. You can check more details here:

360° View Round LED Neon Strip

4. Ultra-Long LED Strip

Ultra-Long LED strips are used in applications ranging from decoration to providing uniform lighting in open space areas. The issue of voltage drop in long LEDs has been overcome by modern technology. Now, Integrated Circuits (ICs) are used to deliver end to end uniform brightness. This is why the Ultra-Long LED strip has made it to the list of LEDs to be looked for in 2021.

Ultra-long Neon LED strip lights

We have two main ultra-long varieties available for you.

We have 20-meter Ultra-long constant voltage LED strip. It has uniform brightness from one end to the other end with CE ROHS approval. Also, with a warranty as long as five years, this LED is reliable too. You can check more about this LED on:

20m Ultra Long Constant Voltage LED Strip

If you want a longer LED strip than 20 meters, we have 48V 100 meters ultra-long LED, and it is equipped with 2-30z double layer PCB. With CE, ROHS, and ETL approval and a warranty as long as five years, this ultra-long LED strip is worthy of your hard-earned money. You can check more details about this LED here:

100m Ultra Long CC 48V LED Strip

We also have a 24V 30 meters ultra-long LED strip with a constant current.

5. RGB-CCT 5 in 1 LED Strip

RGB denotes Red, Green, and Blue, and CCT denotes correlated color temperature. RGB-CCT is compatible with multiple controllers like RF, IF, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. The 5 in 1 feature allows the RGB-CCT LED strip to toggle between 16 million colors in addition to white, warm white, and cool white.  This variety makes RGB-CCT 5 in 1 LED strip featured in LEDs that you should look for in 2021.

RGB-CCT LED strip light

You can check our easy to install RGB-CCT LED with higher efficiency, beam angle up to 180 degrees, and freely bent here:

5 in 1 RGB-CCT LED Strip

If you are looking for a suitable controller for the RGB-CCT LED controller, we have a wide variety of LED controllers available. You can check the specifications and choose the LED controller here:

LED Light Accessories

If you want further information on how to choose an LED controller for an LED light strip, you can visit this very informative article:

How to Choose LED Driver for the LED Strip Light?

6. CRI95 Food LED Strip

CRI stands for color rendering index, and it is a measure of how accurately a light source is reproducing colors. A rating above 90 is considered a high CRI. It has wide applications ranging from used in photography to be used in the display of foods. It helps identify the colors on display. More indoor shifting of business has made us thinking about including this LED strip to be looked for in 2021.

CRI95 LED strip light

You can check our CRI95 LED strip suitable for food with 2-3oz double layer PCB and CR, ROHS and ETL approved here:

High CRI>95 Food LED Strip

In a nutshell, 2021 comes with whole new challenges due to Covid-19, and the world will never be the same again. You should adjust your options according to the changing needs of the world. In this regard, we listed the six most likely choices of LEDs for you. If you are still confused in choosing an LED or a driver, we can help you by giving an in-depth detail about LED Neon lights and choosing an appropriate driver for that LED. You can check the details here:


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