All You Need To Know About LED Neon Signs

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LED Neon signs are the new thriving trend. There are specific things about it that are making it do well in the lighting market. 

If you are wondering why and what about it is sweeping people off their feet, then you need to read this article to the end because I am about to take you through every single thing you need to know about LED neon signs.

For a start, what do ‘signs’ or ‘signages’ even mean?

Signages are creatively crafted designs used to communicate a message using signs or symbols. They can be crafted out of varieties of materials including aluminum, wood, plastic sheets, fabrics, magnetic materials, PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), Neon lights, LED Neon Lights, etc.

Example of a Neon Signage
Neon Light Signage

Signages made out of LED neon lights stand out and help to fulfill the exact purpose why signages are made in the first place – to snatch attention!

So, we can simply say that LED neon signs are signages made from LED neon lights. 


How does the Neon Light work?

Neon gas is used in the making of Neon lights as it is one of the most stable gases. When it is enclosed in a glass tube with electrodes at both ends, and electricity passes through it under low pressure, it produces beautiful, colorful, and bright lights that reflect through the glass.

Usually Neon can only produce orange-red light, so to get other colors of lighting, there will be a need to mix neon with other gases. The production of neon light is what leads to the production of Neon signages.

There is the ‘Traditional Neon Signage’ and there is the ‘LED Neon Signage’. These two types of Neon Signages are different in terms of production, features, and even efficiency.

Neon light arrow direction in perspective Free Vector
Neon Lights



The Difference in Production of  LED Neon Sign and Traditional Neon Sign

There are notable differences in the production of LED neon signs and traditional neon signs that affect the efficiency which might, in turn, affect your decision about which one to use. 

To help you understand and make the best decisions as regards which signage is best, I’ll be explaining the differences.

Follow me…

Traditional Neon signs are produced using crystals which are usually heated, then twisted to form the desired design. After cooling, gases including neon gas are poured used to fill it up and produce lights. 

For LED neon signs, there is no need to use neon gas or glass tube, Low voltage LED strips are usually tightly packed together in silicon tubes.

Because LED neon signage is made with silicon tubing instead of glass tubing like the traditional neon signage, it is more light-weighted and flexible.


 Why People Love LED Neon Signs over Traditional Neon Signs

If there is a large diversion from the use of traditional neon signs to the use of LED neon signs instead then there must be a number of things people love about the latter.

 Let’s check out some specific benefits that people are enjoying from using LED neon signs that they don’t get while using traditional neon signs.

 They include:

  • Lower Energy Usage: Traditional neon signs usually need high energy to come on and work effectively. Once there is a glitch in the energy supplied, the light starts to flicker. The stability of electricity supply in terms of energy level is a factor to consider if you want to use traditional neon signs. However, LED neon signs need a very little amount of electrical energy to get started and work effectively for a long period. You can save up to fifteen times on energy costs when using LED neon signs. 
  • Affordability: LED neon signs are far more affordable than traditional neon signs. This is one benefit that attracts business owners the most. The fact that it is cheaper to make one and that maintenance is also low-cost. Most businesses are consistently finding ways to save money and make more profit, LED neon signs are a perfect option.
  • Easy Installation and Durability: LED neon signs are very easy to install and might not require specialist assistance. Not only is it easy to install, it is also safe to install, unlike traditional neon signs that are made of glass materials which are very fragile and can break during installation. A little crack on the glass neon sign can render it useless and dangerous.
  • Light Production: The light production from LED neon signs is a lot brighter than that of the traditional neon signs which can be dim and blurry to read from afar. The brightness can also be controlled with a LED light remote, this means you also get the chance to control energy consumption.
  • Versatility: Because LED neon signs are light weighted and very durable they can be used in a whole lot of different places without fear that it could break or crack like the glass neon sign.  LED neon signs can be uniquely customized because of their flexibility, it can be twisted and bent to produce different creative signage. The range of colors that can be produced is literally limitless and this makes it easy to come up with very creative and catchy designs.



Customized LED Neon Signs for Businesses

Have you ever walked across a street, store, shop and you can’t get your eyes off the creatively, customized, attractive signage lights used? – This is how much the effect of bright and beautiful signage can have on people who pass by your physical workplace.

Imagine grabbing the attention of the number of people who walk by your store and could be potential walk-in customers. 

This can be done without having to run around to tell them your business name or what you do because you have a creatively created, attractive, unique, and compelling LED neon signage doing the job for you!

Signages have a powerful effect.

The 24/7 visibility it gives is great for business. When you are using signage that is bright, beautiful, and top-notch, you give people a perception of the quality of service you render without even saying a word.

Businesses can use customized LED neon signage to aesthetically present their business to the public and reflect their brand personality in a way that attracts their target audience.

This can be done by selecting colors and fonts that promote the brand image or syncs with the brand identity. 


Ways You can use LED Neon Signs for your business 

  • Use it to present your brand logo
  • Use it to provide relevant information in a fun and appealing manner e.g opening and closing hours
  • Use it in the interior to present quotes or images that relate to your business or brand message




Big Brands that use LED Neon Signs

LED neon signs are known to be very effective and affordable that the big brands are not missing out on what it has to offer.

Check out some big brands that use LED neon signs and how they use them below.

  • Heineken

Marcio Arkanjo - Neon Heineken

  • Ferrari

Image result for brands using led neon signs

  • Coca-Cola

Image result for brands using led neon signs

  • Lamborghini

Image result for brands using led neon signs


  • Guinness

Image result for brands using led neon signs



How to get your own customized LED Neon signs

When you want to get your customized LED neon signs, there are things you need to consider like;

  • the purpose of the sign, 
  • where the sign will be placed – if it will be indoor or outdoor
  • the available space for the sign, 
  • the message you want to pass across with the sign 
  • your branding colors
  • your budget

It’s important that you figure out these things because you will need to communicate about them with your manufacturer who will then use your ideas and specifications to bring the customized LED Neon sign that you desire to live.


How to clean and maintain LED neon signs.

Cleaning and maintaining LED neon signs is easy and safe. It’s something you can do yourself without the help of any specialist.

Because LED neon signs use low voltage, they do not get very hot to touch like the glass neon signs. Since they are not hot to touch, they are easier to clean.

Steps to take when cleansing the LED neon sign include:

  • Switch off the signage and unplug it from the power source 
  • Use a duster to gently remove the dust build-up
  • To remove tough stains, mix half a cup of household ammonia and half a cup of water and dampen a napkin with this mixture.
  • Use the damp napkin to wipe off the stains.

LED neon signs have a lot of proven advantages over traditional neon signs and are a perfect option for business owners who want to pass their brand message in very creative ways.

If you have further questions about LED neon signs or you need an expert’s assistance to customize your own, ask your questions in the comment section and contact us to speak with an expert.

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